Sports - Weightlifting

Whether you’re lifting weights in the gym or as a professional on a stage, good form can only be achieved from the feet up. Foot posture problems such as flat feet affect the alignment of your whole body. This may make it difficult for you to maintain balance and stability during lifting. You may also find yourself exerting more effort into doing reps because of no strong foundational support. This increases the risk of injury especially to the foot and ankle.

MASS4D® improves foot mechanics that reduces any abnormal movements in the rest of the body. This has a positive effect on your form and helps promote alignment from the feet up to the knees, hips, back and the upper body. The removable support provided along with MASS4D® Insoles establishes more stability in your feet, and helps you perform heavy weightlifting with a minimum risk of injury. By providing your body with a firm, strong base, MASS4D® helps you take your weightlifting game to the next level.