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Short Leg

short leg

Whether structural or functional, a short leg problem can make it difficult for you to stay on your feet for too long. MASS4D® custom foot orthotics are a great way to add stability to uneven legs while preventing foot pain caused by minor differences in leg length. These insoles also help in correcting posture alignment to prevent pain in the lower body.

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We recommend the use of custom insoles to manage a short leg condition because of the need for exact measurements in treatment programmes.

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It is helpful to learn about the effect of obesity on foot health. The impact of obesity on the feet includes weakening of the foot arch. MASS4D® can be customised to accommodate your bodyweight and provide support to fallen arches. This means your orthotic will be strong enough to resist collapse over time.

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Since customised orthotics can be built stronger to resist collapse, they are recommended for treatment of foot problems in obese individuals.

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